Smart Consumers Use GoodGuide

Navigating the stores in today’s marketplace becomes more difficult each day. It seems that nearly every week brings a new consumer scare on the products we use frequently. As a Mom, it’s harder than ever to make a purchase because you want to take special care of your treasured little one. One of the easiest ways to access important details about almost any product is to use the GoodGuide App. You can visit the website or download the handy app to access information while you shop.

The app rates everything from Baby Food to Household Cleaners to Personal Care products. You’ll find details about the health, environment, and society impacts of the product and manufacturer. It’s simple to use because you can browse through a product category, search for a product by name, or (my favorite) scan the barcode and immediately find the match!

Recently, GoodGuide explained how they incorporate new scientific findings into their ratings on their blog. I found their process especially interesting because this was one of the first questions I had as a user of the app. After all, I downloaded it shortly after the news that Johnson & Johnson baby soap included carcinogens as a means to find an alternative baby soap. I’ll admit that I wasn’t desperate to replace my baby’s bathwash since I used J&J products almost to my teen years. However, the app listed their bath wash near the top of the ratings primarily because the company has such a strong positive societal impact. Since you may find that although an item is top rated by GoodGuide, a specific category could be lower. Luckily, you’re able to quickly view a handful of competitive items to determine the one to suit your needs.

Being an educated consumer is an important job and it’s a tricky task to navigate the ever-changing information pit on the internet. Using an App like GoodGuide will surely help bring the research of scientists and analysts to your fingertips and offer peace of mind.