Babywearing – a Poem to Kickoff the Start of Febru-wear-y

febru-wear-yBrrrr! It’s cold outside, but I’ve been keeping warm with Audrey close by. We’re celebrating the month of Febru-wear-y on Eco Incognito with lots of excitement! Next week, we will have a review and giveaway of one of my favorite carriers, the Onya Baby. Babywearing is truly a great way to care for baby during the first year and beyond. As she grows, you will grow the strength to hold her. With two under two, I practically always have one of the kids strapped in. I love the closeness it brings between us, the warmth, and the interactions. It inspired me to write a little poem. Sometimes I sing it to the girls to the tune of Ode to Joy. After the jump, read I’m Everywhere She Wants to Be.

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Mama Pajama: A Poem for Moms

By Jeannette Bezinque   1.17.13

This poem is dedicated to all the Mothers who start looking at the clock at 5:15 anticipating bedtime. On those days, know that you are not alone. Raising children is our greatest challenge. After you pour your heart and soul into the charge of caring for your amazing contribution to the next generation, there’s no shame in pouring yourself a drink. Cheers to you Mama. You’re doing a great job!

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Toddler Yoga Poem

By Jeannette Bezinque   1.11.13

Recently, I read an article that the most important lesson you can teach a child is to follow instructions. When it comes to a healthy mind, activities that foster the ability to listen and act on clear directions are best. Suggested games included Simon Says and Mama May I, but I immediately thought that yoga would offer a wonderful way to strengthen this skill.

Hannah, my 19 month old, shows a keen interest in talking about body parts and reading books. One of the things I find is that repetition is a key to her understanding and becoming comfortable with a skill. She doesn’t get bored hearing the same story over and over. If she wants to move on to something else, she will do that and often return with even more enthusiasm. Right now, when I recite yoga poems to her she lifts her arms skyward or turns around in a circle. She has a lot to learn, but the lessons will go by quickly. That’s why I’m starting early!

An asana is a foundation of yoga. Nearly every class starts with these heat-building flows. The simple steps are easy for everyone and the sequence is very memorable. I wrote this poem to engage young listeners in the practice of yoga.

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Baby Yoga Poem

By Jeannette Bezinque   1.4.13

Baby yoga offers a loving way to connect with your child. I read Baby Om shortly after the birth of my first daughter and instantly fell in love with the practice. It was so fulfilling share my passion for yoga with my own child. Now as she is growing and stretching it is inspiring to watch her discover yoga poses on her own. I am gaining a better understanding of yoga through the observation of a child than I ever could find on a mat. In my body, I endeavor past aches and linger in stretches in an effort to work out a lifetime of struggle with physical challenges. I can only hope that an early adoption of yoga poses into our daily routine can provide the girls with a lifetime of mental and physical balance.

Om Baby, Roam Baby is a poem about exploration. Let the poem guide you and baby through a typical asana. The perfect way to offer gentle pressure to your baby for the arm and leg massage is to imagine you are testing a peach for ripeness. Audrey and I like to do yoga in the early afternoon while Hannah naps. Now that she is nearing 5 months I find that she is more limber after I demonstrate and repeat the arm movements. Our little sessions last five to fifteen minutes, but I am hopeful that the memories of her smiles and coos last a lifetime.

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