Welcome to Eco Incognito! Jeannette Bezinque started this website with the goal of sharing sensible eco solutions to fit the suburban lifestyle around Philadelphia. Her first daughter Hannah (Born June 2011) inspired all the Eco Adaptations she made in the household. She stumbled through many of them, but is proudly flouting her expert abilities with new baby Audrey (Born August, 2012.) For her, eco-friendly solutions aren’t just Earth Friendly, they’re also Economically Friendly. She is sharing them with you so that you can consider making similar small changes.

Message from the founder:

This site will always be a Guilt Free Zone. I hope to motivate readers to make manageable, positive changes in consumption. I’ll provide honest and insightful reviews of how products can be used and reused in a matter that is best for the long term. You shouldn’t feel bad if you don’t live a fully green lifestyle. In fact, I hope that spending time on this site makes you realize that some of the things you already do are green! Maybe it will be easier than you thought to discover sustainable options for free living.



Meet Jeannette, the blogger for Eco Incognito

Eco Incognito

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