Thanks for your interest in connecting! You may email me (Jeannette Bezinque) anytime with questions or comments at or Tweet with me @EcoIncognito

Product Reviews

Eco Incognito is always eager to work with brands and small businesses alike to get the word out about great new products. From sponsorships to book reviews, we are happy to provide an honest opinion to readers about any product that an eco-friendly household might find useful. If you would like to have your product reviewed for a possible feature post on Eco Incognito, email Jeannette at for information and details on where to ship your sample. Regretfully, we are unable to return samples at this time.

Jeannette is an avid cook, reader, workout enthusiast, creative mother, seamstress, and a mediocre housekeeper.

Zac is an outdoor enthusiast, DIYer, athletic father, hunter, ex spec-ops, renaissance man.

Hannah is a spirited toddler with a knack for puzzles, adventures, and an eye for fashion.

Audrey is a blossoming baby who enjoys babywearing, breastfeeding, attachment parenting, and baby yoga.

Social Media Marketing

Are you a local business looking to generate interest within the Greater Philadelphia Region’s social media circuit? Build awareness through a partnership with Eco Incognito. We are ready to push the envelope with creative marketing to women, moms, and young families in the tri-state area. Services available include sponsored posts, giveaways, Twitter parties, Facebook chats, events, social media consultation, community management, and more!


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  1. Hi Jeannette, great to come across your page. Do you know of any Young Living events that are open for all distributors in or around Philadelphia?

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