Back in Baby’s Arms

It’s been a great week, folks! I’m having a hard time believing that it has barely even been three weeks since I gave birth. Physically, I feel terrific in comparison to my first post-partum experience. The Babymoon was definitely a success in getting me back on my feet. More importantly, I am so happy because I got to spend the week with both my girls. On Monday Hannah walked into my lap and threw her arms around me for the best hug I’ve ever received.

It’s funny to call Hannah a Big Sister at such a young age, but there’s no denying that she is a great one for Audrey. From the first time she met Audrey and tried to put a hat back onto her head she has been alert and sensitive to our new family member. She’s very curious about the baby when she is within reach, but often she simply comes close for a kiss (which melts my heart.) Since Hannah is so good at independent play, she has been very understanding that the baby spends so much time in my arms. I’m having a lot of success with the K’tan baby carrier, with the exception of my husband’s concern that I’m squishing Audrey. I guess he forgot where she spent the last nine months?

Now that Audrey is getting more alert, I’m trying to make sure she gets some “playtime” during the day to help her sleep through the night. We’re slowly going to move towards the same EASY routine I used on Hannah. EASY stands for Eat, Activity, Sleep, Your Time and it worked like a charm last year. Today I nursed Audrey and then the three of us laid down in the play room and Audrey squirmed on her back and her belly for a few minutes each. Hannah moved around freely with her toys, but paused for a minute in the middle to lay down and look at her sister. After that, Audrey got a new diaper and then I snuggled her into the carrier and she rocked right to sleep. I’m not anticipating that “My Time” will actually happen this year, but I love being able to give my undivided attention to Hannah for some stories and songs.

I’ve heard that I’d have my arms full like a broken record over the last year. It’s true that they’re always full with one baby or the other and sometimes both and that’s the way I’m starting to like it!