Every Kid Needs a Snow Day

Snow is such an incredibly fun activity for kids. As a parent, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the hassle of dressing kids for snow. In order to avoid the desire to slip into PJs and watch the snow from the window sill, I like to look at the snow through the eyes of a child. Here are a few fun ways to spice up the activity, with no shovel or corn-cob pipe required.

toddler snow activity

Dress the Part

The simple act of dressing for a snowy excursion can be exciting for all ages. Let your child help you assemble the clothing items and then talk about the body parts they cover. Go slowly to demonstrate how to put on hats, mittens and boots. Before long, your child will do the job herself. Montessori lessons encourage teaching young children to put on their jackets by laying them on the floor upside down. Kids reach their arms through both sleeves and pull the jacket overhead. Although 1 year olds make great un-zipperers, the skills of fastening and buttoning generally improve around 2 to 3.

Fast Track

Follow the Leader is a terrific game for the snow because it is easy to see how each footstep forms the track. Vary the speed of your steps or the size of your gait. Even if they don’t catch on right away, kids will enjoy following the path you create. An older child can form large shapes in the snow from tracks. Another great way to train balance is to let kids follow your tracks. Who didn’t love stomping in Dad’s HUGE footsteps as a kid?

Weather Chat

The best way to learn about the weather is to talk about it. Animate the conversation with shivers and let your kid know, “Brrrr, it’s freezing cold!” Are the snowflakes heavy? Is the sun out? Does the snow feel wet as it melts?

Sit On It

Last, but not least, snowpants are mandatory for toddlers because they just want to get down into the snow. Your adventurous tot can roll around, make a snow angel, or fall over. Watch the kids stretch to get back up unassisted. If they’re bundled as snuggly as Randy from “A Christmas Story,” they may need help. Otherwise, most kids will enjoy the challenge of learning to maneuver in the super snow suit.


The BEST Resolution for 2013

Happy New Year! Let’s talk about the BEST new year’s resolutions for 2013.

2013 is the year of the GREEN. Make your main goal for the year a commitment to being more eco-friendly. When you strive to be green, you fulfill resolutions every day. Whether you want to save money, lose weight, or have a positive impact on your community, being green has a solution for every goal.

green new year's resolutions

To help you get started, I’ve assembled 13 ways to incorporate natural living into your family.

PICK ONE and leave a comment to choose your resolution for 2013.

13. Recycling

12. Cloth Diapering

11. Avoiding GMO-Foods

10. Composting

9. Breastfeeding

8. Babywearing

7. Natural labor

6. Green cleaning supplies

5. Using cloth towels

4. Minimizing food waste

3. Reusing food storage containers

2. Enriching young minds

The #1 way to be more green in 2013 is to GROW GREEN THINGS!

1. Gardening

I’m on a mission to grow better kids and I’m planning to do this by raising gardeners. I am positive that a passion for gardening will improve life for the next generation. Not everyone who is green is going to change the world. A lot of people don’t want to change the world at all. However, a path of light footprints will leave the world a better place. You can start in your own home by making small changes to use your resources more effectively, and gradually tackling bigger and better challenges as being green gets easier.

When you set your mind on a green intention, let it grow.

How to Save Money on Being Sick

Saving money while sick is never a priority, but a little prep early in the season can help get you back on the road to wellness with ease. Let’s face it, we all crave the same things when we come down with a cold: tissues, cough medicine, and homemade chicken noodle soup. Why not get a head start on the game by assembling your arsenal of supplies early? Think of it as taking care of yourself and don’t forget to thank yourself later!

Step One: Skip the paper tissues

No matter how many lotions or elixirs soften and moisten tissues, they will never be as gentle as cloth. Make a few hankies now out of flannel or cotton and your nose will be grateful. Simply cut tissue sized squares with pinking shears for a finished edge and keep a handy basket to discard them. Laundering in hot water with a gentle soap is easier and cheaper than shopping for tissues every week!

Step Two: Buy Meds Early

If you know you’ll want medicine to get through the dark days, pick up a bottle the next time it’s on sale. Grab your Vitamin C, Sprite, and Vapo-Rub while you’re at it. Who wants to run to the store with a cold anyway?

Step 3: Hydrate

Water is nature’s best remedy for everything. If you’re not already drinking 8 glasses a day, start with 5 and add a glass each week. Instant savings from swapping from a pricier drink to water is a bonus.

Step 4: Thoroughly Wash Hands

Those foamy soap bottles work great for getting more bang for your buck if you reuse them. Simply refill with 1 part soap to 5 parts water and they will last forever!

The most important thing is to stay home as much as possible. Not only does your body need rest, but there’s no need to infect others. I’m wishing you and your family a healthy, happy, Holiday season!

Taking Kids in the Rain

I’m all for ‘Slinging in the Rain.’ Maybe it’s just because my kids aren’t young enough to whine, but I feel confident taking them out in the rain. My one year old is fascinated by the rain. In fact, I took her outside for a quick picture in our rain jackets and she cried the instant we stepped back inside.

Rain jackets in the storm.

We decided to take the girls for a walk through the neighborhood in the early hours of Hurricane Sandy.

Baja, Zac, and Hannah lead the way.  

The rain was plummeting, but there was no lightening and the area we walked through was clear of trees even though it was gusty. Audrey came, too! I bundled her up and put her in the carrier. She spent the first few minutes talking and smiling with me. Something about the fresh air always puts her in a good mood. Whenever a gust of wind blew between us she would gasp for a deep breath. The end of the walk yielded some tears, but we got home quickly and took care of the diaper issue.

Warm and snug with Mama.

Early in our relationship, I was intimidated whenever my husband tried to pull me out of my comfort zone for a hike. Now, I’m just as excited as the rest of the family to get outside to explore. It’s certainly easier to muster the courage to take two little girls out in a hurricane because he is a former rescue swimmer. I wouldn’t want them to miss out on any of the great lessons he can teach them about preparing for safety or tackling a challenge. Luckily, since I’m getting in the adventuring habit now they may never know that I was once a wimp.



Tulip Grease – Luxury Lip Balm Review

I’m thrilled to introduce Tulip Grease, a natural lip balm that is bursting with flavor. We’re entering chapped-lip season, but I’m confident that these tubes pack a powerful enough punch to soothe even the worst cracks. I had just started to experience parched lips when we turned on the heat during the cold front, but that feeling is gone. There are subtle differences to the counterparts you would find at the drugstore, but the big one is the lasting sensation of smooth, kissable lips.

My husband and I put the purse pack trio to the test and I’d love to tell you that it led to a steamy make-out session, but that would be a lie. We both decided that Lemon Love is swoon-worthy and smacked our lips to that sensational flavor. It’s easy to see why it tops the best seller list, since it tastes just like a Rita’s water ice Lemon Gelato. That just happens to be my favorite flavor, so I am ecstatic to have this on hand to soothe my winter craving for the icy treat. Maybe I’ll refrigerate it for the perfect chill!

You can pick up your own Tulip Grease on Etsy or directly through the site. Visit www.tulipgrease.com now to experience a truly satisfying lip balm. There’s no balmy residue and you don’t need to apply every 10 seconds because it actually provides lasting relief. Lingering luxury for your lips in flavors like Lavendar Tartine and Plum Smuggler.

The adorable purse pack ($25) comes with three flavors to mix and match and is a perfect bridesmaid gift, stocking stuffer, or treat to accompany a spa gift certificate.

Tulip Grease Lip Balm

Tulip Grease | Natural Lip Balm


Thanks to the makers of Tulip Grease for providing a sample to facilitate this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.