Old Man Murray’s Organic Soap Review + Giveaway

My first step to making some eco-friendly adjustments to my beauty routine is to start using organic soap. I recently found out about Old Man Murray’s soaps through a network of Green Mom bloggers and I had to give them a try. Each of the scents has a name that offers an authentic nod to the herbal remedies of the past. There are four divinely feminine soaps and four distinctly masculine options. I selected Honey Butter for myself and Gin and Tonic for Mr. Eco Incognito. Of course he decided to use mine anyway, but I would say that they both offer a refreshing cleanse so they are certainly appropriate for either gender.

Until recently, I’ve been a body wash junkie, but I’ve never found one that has had a lasting effect on my skin after a shower. I was always hesitant to use bar soap because I thought it dried out my skin. However, I was missing the important step of lathering up with lotion after showering. A body wash contains lotion and lots of water, so it generally costs more than using a bar of soap and your own lotion. Plus, taking the additional step after a shower helps lock moisture in your skin and promotes relaxation. I don’t have a lot of time these days for a beauty routine, but I’ve decided that this is worth it.

To put Old Man Murray’s to the ultimate test, I even shaved my legs using just the soap. I have always thought I had sensitive skin, but now I’m wondering if my reactions were to the parabens and additives in popular shave gels. I was surprised and delighted to find out that I could get a clean, close shave simply using a bar of soap. Even the packaging is a great alternative to the cans.

There are a lot of reasons why I want to ‘green’ my beauty routine and I feel like adding this soap to the mix is a great first step. I hope you’ll give it a try, too! I love this list of ingredients in the Gin + Tonic soap. Look at all the great benefits of each component.

handmade natural soap


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How to Save Money on Being Sick

Saving money while sick is never a priority, but a little prep early in the season can help get you back on the road to wellness with ease. Let’s face it, we all crave the same things when we come down with a cold: tissues, cough medicine, and homemade chicken noodle soup. Why not get a head start on the game by assembling your arsenal of supplies early? Think of it as taking care of yourself and don’t forget to thank yourself later!

Step One: Skip the paper tissues

No matter how many lotions or elixirs soften and moisten tissues, they will never be as gentle as cloth. Make a few hankies now out of flannel or cotton and your nose will be grateful. Simply cut tissue sized squares with pinking shears for a finished edge and keep a handy basket to discard them. Laundering in hot water with a gentle soap is easier and cheaper than shopping for tissues every week!

Step Two: Buy Meds Early

If you know you’ll want medicine to get through the dark days, pick up a bottle the next time it’s on sale. Grab your Vitamin C, Sprite, and Vapo-Rub while you’re at it. Who wants to run to the store with a cold anyway?

Step 3: Hydrate

Water is nature’s best remedy for everything. If you’re not already drinking 8 glasses a day, start with 5 and add a glass each week. Instant savings from swapping from a pricier drink to water is a bonus.

Step 4: Thoroughly Wash Hands

Those foamy soap bottles work great for getting more bang for your buck if you reuse them. Simply refill with 1 part soap to 5 parts water and they will last forever!

The most important thing is to stay home as much as possible. Not only does your body need rest, but there’s no need to infect others. I’m wishing you and your family a healthy, happy, Holiday season!

Tulip Grease – Luxury Lip Balm Review

I’m thrilled to introduce Tulip Grease, a natural lip balm that is bursting with flavor. We’re entering chapped-lip season, but I’m confident that these tubes pack a powerful enough punch to soothe even the worst cracks. I had just started to experience parched lips when we turned on the heat during the cold front, but that feeling is gone. There are subtle differences to the counterparts you would find at the drugstore, but the big one is the lasting sensation of smooth, kissable lips.

My husband and I put the purse pack trio to the test and I’d love to tell you that it led to a steamy make-out session, but that would be a lie. We both decided that Lemon Love is swoon-worthy and smacked our lips to that sensational flavor. It’s easy to see why it tops the best seller list, since it tastes just like a Rita’s water ice Lemon Gelato. That just happens to be my favorite flavor, so I am ecstatic to have this on hand to soothe my winter craving for the icy treat. Maybe I’ll refrigerate it for the perfect chill!

You can pick up your own Tulip Grease on Etsy or directly through the site. Visit www.tulipgrease.com now to experience a truly satisfying lip balm. There’s no balmy residue and you don’t need to apply every 10 seconds because it actually provides lasting relief. Lingering luxury for your lips in flavors like Lavendar Tartine and Plum Smuggler.

The adorable purse pack ($25) comes with three flavors to mix and match and is a perfect bridesmaid gift, stocking stuffer, or treat to accompany a spa gift certificate.

Tulip Grease Lip Balm

Tulip Grease | Natural Lip Balm


Thanks to the makers of Tulip Grease for providing a sample to facilitate this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.