Essential Oils from Young Living

Essential Oils are the key to health and wellness in my home. In fact, my small pocket of the mystical elixirs is nothing short of an apothecary for all the qualities they provide in our household. From cleaning supplies to beauty regimens, they boost nearly every aspect of our lives with delightful scents. I’m going to share how I switched from a perpetual commercial shopper to a self-sufficient medicine woman in a few short months with the help of essential oils.

But first, I want to let you know that you can purchase your own essential oils from Young Living right now by clicking this link.

Three short years ago, I left the workforce with the intent to return after a year raising my newborn at home. One new baby quickly turned into two, and I happily accepted the more permanent role of stay-at-home Mother with the new caveat of curbing costs and cutting expenses at every corner. Somehow, we had to make a single income work for our small, but growing family, and I wasn’t willing to sacrifice our health any longer.

My biggest problem with shopping at the big-box retailers, aside from the overwhelming sticker shock that hit me each week, was the fact that everything I purchased from food to clothing to cleaning goods was riddled with ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce, let alone identify. All of a sudden as I looked at the sweet face of my newborn and her shriveled nose as it sneezed in recoil to the toxins, I knew something about our habits had to change. I began by addressing our kitchen first.


Join me in the quest to a healthier home by incorporating Essential Oils into your daily life. Email for a FREE CONSULTATION on using Essential Oils.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Images source: Young Living


2 comments on “Essential Oils from Young Living

  1. Thank you for sharing information. So far, Lavender is my best. I use it in almost everything. These essential oils work as miracles.

  2. Lux Woods says:

    Love essential oils! Our diffuser is going non-stop in the office!

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