Going green is hard. Being green is easy.

Earth Day graphicWhen I first set out to cloth diaper, it was mostly as a means to save money. I wanted to stay home with Hannah, and saving two grand seemed like a great way to manage the financial change of not returning to work. I quickly began to search for more and more ways to save money with reusable products.

There I sat on the interwebs scouring for reusable zip lock baggies, Eco-friendly car seats, and bpa-free storage containers. It took me a long time to realize that green living wasn’t an apples-to-apples transition at all. It’s about evolving to fit the seasons and the surroundings. I had to learn not only to be resourceful, but understand what my actual resources were and how to use them. It wasn’t just about swapping from non-stick cookware to stainless steel. No, I had to learn the secrets of cast iron cooking (which is also non-stick). Just when I thought I was finally catching on, I discovered that the ease of eating raw food is such a simple option that it is often overlooked. Through it all, I’ve realized that I’m done Going Green.

I am at the beginning of a new life of being green and it is a beautiful thing. The problem is, the days that I truly feel green, I’m not very entertaining. We watch grass grow. We listen to the trees. We take half the morning to cook lunch, do the dishes by hand, and then cook dinner after a nap. For me, I’m torn because I desperately want to be the blogger I set out to become. I want to share about great experiences and give handy advice. On the other hand, I want to walk out the door with my family, head to a desert island and never come back. If that does happen, you better believe I won’t stick around to tweet about it! Consider this my pre-written blogging Eulogy. Life is good. I predict it will get even better. There is a lot for me to learn. After all, you’re talking to a girl who, at age 2, replied to the pediatrician’s inquiry about green leafy vegetables that “My Mom never makes me those.” For now, I will be here learning and living. Maybe I will teach some of what I learn, but I need you to know that I am not an expert on green living. I am a Mom on a journey to make a better life for the next generation. If you think I am unique or different or crazy, you may be right! However, there are lots of other green bloggers with terrific information about how to be green. Whatever it is that inspires you to love your surroundings, dive into that. Go ahead and Google “Does Target carry Eco-friendly shampoo” or “Local Organic Dry-cleaning.” Live guilt-free by trying your best. Don’t be surprised if one day, you fall off the wagon into your own green backyard paradise with everything you need. No matter the journey, some day we will all be dirt. I’m just going to get used to that now.

In celebration of Earth Day and life in general, I’m taking a few days off the internet to enjoy everything that I have. You better believe I’ll be kicking off my shoes and walking barefoot through the grass with the girls.


3 comments on “Going green is hard. Being green is easy.

  1. Enjoy the grass this weekend and always!

  2. Meredith says:

    Jeanette, this is beautiful, and I am applauding all of this! I think what you are trying to do is wonderful, and you have got mad crazy skills with the way you write about. Happy break, my friend…

  3. Eco Dude says:

    Totally agree. Once you get “greener” its alot easier to stay there. The amount of information is quite overwhelming and you do have to plow through a good chunk of it because you can always trust the marketing 🙂

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