Thrift Shopping Season – Impact Thrift Store

Have you ever wondered how the experts pick their wares for the fabulous shabby-chic look? I had a chance to learn from Denise of The Painted Home at her thrift shopping event for Impact thrift stores. Denise brings an elegance to the art of ‘trash picking’ on her blog by creating swoon-worthy home decor. See anything you like?

The Painted Home Website

The Painted Home Website

I first met Denise through the Upcycle Challenge this winter and we were so inspired by her creativity. When the chance came to hear about how she rummages through trash to discover future treasures, I couldn’t pass it up. It is clear that Denise can see beauty and versatility in every piece. When I arrived at the Impact! Thrift, I noticed her display area immediately. The pieces all looked like they belonged in a DIY Network room-makeover. She staged a room with items that could easily start a conversation and create a homey atmosphere.

It was incredible to see a designer sift through the vintage cast-offs and share easy ways to transform them into a design statement. Her top choices were picture frames, suitcases, and chairs. With a coat of paint, anything can have a new life. I won a nifty set of Martha Stewart stenciling gear that I plan to put to use on some upcycling projects of my own. There is definitely a season for the hobby. The best time to shop is during spring-cleaning and the two weeks following.

thrift store fids

My personal tips for thrift shopping or garage saleing are to wear your baby for ease of transportation and to make a list in advance. My shopping trip was a huge success for these two reasons. I searched for something to wear to an upcoming event and was thrilled to find a classic white eyelet dress. My mason jar stash from the bric-a-brac section was an incredible find! I can easily buy a new set of lids or cover the jars with plaid fabric after canning depending on how long I plan to store them. In a pinch, these will make terrific glasses for an outdoor party, too. The window screen in my shopping cart is going to find a new home in our sand box. I’ll use that with the girls to sift through buried treasures like seashells, spindles, and wire baubles.  Audrey brought a smile for all the other shoppers to enjoy and gave me two solid hours of thrifting before encouraging me to move onto a more important activity (nursing the baby.) Where do you nurse a baby at a Thrift Store? In the furniture section, of course.

Denise has been wondering if the word “Trash Picking” is a turnoff for you. What would you rather call the art of searching for an upcycle treasure?


5 comments on “Thrift Shopping Season – Impact Thrift Store

  1. Carrie says:

    I’ve never made a list when going thrifting. I just look and see what looks fun and is cheap. I bet I’d do better if I went with a plan, though!

  2. foundthemarbles says:

    Impact does such incredible work for the community!

  3. Two hours?! I’m jealous of the size of a store that means browsing for that long! 🙂 I’m not a huge fan of the phrase “trash picking” — it reminds me of the people who literally go through my trash on garbage night to see if there’s anything good in there. 😦

  4. I like trash picking! I love babies : ) I have hadn’t had too much good luck at Impact thrift stores, but I will definitely give them another chance.

    Have fun with your stencil kit. Love, Becky

  5. denise says:

    thanks for such a great post Jeanette! You definitely have a way with words. So glad you made it out to the event. and glad you’ll be putting the Martha Stewart Kit to good use , monogrammed canning jars may be in your future! Thanks again! Denise

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