How to Wash Designer Jeans for Long Term Wear

There are easy ways to extend the life of designer jeans in order to get your money’s worth. With a little luck, the best jeans can last for years. When it comes to caring for jeans, less is more. Wear them several times before washing and use very little soap. The jeans will relax after a couple days of wear, but hanging them in between use and rotating a few pairs can prevent that. Hang dry on a collapsible rack for a practically-free laundry solution.

designer jeans washingHow to wash designer jeans

Wash as infrequently as possible
Limit the soap
Turn inside out and fold into quarters
Distribute jeans evenly around the washing machine basin
To hand wash, fill a sink with water and 2 Tablespoons of laundry detergent. Percolate the jeans, then hang to dry

How to Revive Old Jeans

To give new life to a pair of aged jeans, one option is to consign or thrift them. Jeans also make a great outfit for a scarecrow or can be upcycled into anything from a handbag to a jean skirt. The best designers blast holes and rips into jeans, so pull out the crafty supplies like embroidery thread and a razor blade to add more distressed embellishments.

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