A Fairy Tale Come True

fairy tale cakeBed time in this house is a challenge. No matter the day, it seems that one of the girls finds a way to prolong the ‘night night’ ritual. Hannah tends to practice her rock climbing skills while Audrey attempts to drain every ounce of breastmilk that she can get. I try to relax and remain calm while all the action unfolds, especially since they play off one another. The way these girls do fall asleep is downright comical. Sometimes Hannah conks out on the couch while listening to a story. Other nights, they’ll fall asleep on either side of me in a Mama Pajama party. Only on rare occasions do both girls fall asleep in their own beds, and that never lasts the whole night.

This evening, I lost all my inspiration for singing songs or reading board books. Instead I let the words to this happy fairy tale roll out of my mouth and coax Hannah to sleep. It. Was. Magical. Maybe I should get this published?

Hannah Falls Asleep

Once upon a time there was a beautiful Princess named Hannah.

Hannah lived in the highest tower of the biggest castle on the highest hill.

She loved to explore and play all day.

Sometimes, it was hard for her to go to sleep because she was so excited after learning all day.

This made her Mama very sad because she wanted to go to bed, too.

One day, Hannah realized that she could go to bed and wake up the next morning to continue playing.

She decided to lay down and get some sleep.

After that, she felt very happy and she slept all night long.

(Mama crosses fingers.)

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