Benefits of Composting – Grocery Stores, Take Note

We just started enjoying the benefits of composting in our home. In a few short months, we have completely overhauled our waste output. Adding the simple task of composting to the mix helps us tackle food waste from the ground up.

As soon as we started our compost collection bucket, I immediately felt happier. A lot of the foods that I prepare are from fresh, wholesome ingredients like carrots, apples and celery, and it always irked me to have so much waste from their prep. Now that we compost, I get my little one involved in the process and she eagerly helps me toss the scraps. We’ll work on our compost this year so that next year’s garden can benefit from the rich addition to our soil. I can’t wait to show my little one how this all works!

The other day we were at the grocery store and I noticed that Wegmans has ready-made packs of prepared veggies all throughout the store. At first I thought it was a great idea to prevent food waste because they are obviously using up the veggies that would otherwise go bad by displaying them for quick sale. Although there’s a bit of packaging that’s going to waste and I would love to see a creative solution for that, there is another issue at hand. The big question I had was, you guessed it, “do they compost?” So I asked via Twitter:

benefits of composting wegmans

@Wegmans Do you compost all the fruit and veggie scraps from your ready-to-eat packs?

Sadly they do not, but they are passing my suggestion along. I’m enthusiastic about this because I think we can help them make a positive change. The reason I never composted before was that no one said, “Here’s how you compost” or “Why don’t you compost” until all of a sudden a bunch of people I knew started to talk about composting. I quickly discovered how easy it was to get started and haven’t thrown a scrap in the trash ever since. 

What do you think would happen if we all (nicely) let Wegmans know that we think it would be cool if they implemented this sustainable business practice? They’re sure to save money by eliminating the trash bags and collection service fees. Plus, I would love to see a partnership with local farms who might use the scraps to enrich their soil. Wegmans is always asking for feedback, so let them know on the next e-form they send or leave a comment here and share this post with a friend who might have a connection. Changes like these can take time, so let’s get the ball rolling and start asking friendly questions today.

Tweet: Hey @Wegmans, do you compost all your fruit and veggie scraps? #happyscraps


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