Babywearing Business Mamas

If I were to credit one aspect of Motherhood that makes me feel confident and happy it would be babywearing. There are so many individual benefits that I experience each day, but overall I just feel an overwhelming sense of good coming from it. For as much as my body toiled at the weight of the baby through my pregnancy, I now feel like I am built to wear Audrey. Babywearing is the root solution for so many of the challenges I faced with my first baby. It also makes everyone happy. Not just Moms or babies, but people who see it happening smile, too! Because of all this, I want to put babywearing in the spotlight on this blog.

Introducing Babywearing Wednesdays

I’m sharing my profile as an introduction for this feature. If you are a business woman and you wear your baby, you could be featured as early as this Wednesday! I am looking for Moms who want to share their story and answer a few questions about how Babywearing helps you get through the day. Simply fill out this form and email a photo to to participate.


Whether you own your business, work from home part time, or work full time, I want to hear your story. Even if your baby is grown past the wearing phase, you can tell us about your experience.

Name: Jeannette Bezinque

Company: Eco Incognito,

Title: Social Media Correspondent

Briefly introduce your family: My husband Zac and I live with our daughters Audrey (6 months) and Hannah (1.5). We also have a 1 year old German Shepherd.

What is your business? I write a blog and support a growing social community of parents that are interested in natural living topics. I tweet, pin, Facebook, blog, vlog, and share everything that I love about Motherhood.

What carrier do you use? I use an Ergo primarily, but I used a K’tan when Audrey was an infant.

What is your favorite thing about babywearing? I love when she naps on my chest. It is so calming to feel her inhalations and heartbeat right next to mine.

How does wearing your baby help you get the job done? Right now Audrey is napping in the carrier while I type, so that’s helping! She also comes with me to events for social media coverage. She’s a really good baby, so it’s easy to bring her along and take care of her needs as we go. All she needs is Mama 🙂

What is your favorite thing to do while babywearing? I love going for walks or hikes with my family. It’s fun to tell her about the sights and to relax while enjoying the scenery. Most times, she’s so calm that I don’t even notice when she drifts off to sleep.

Have you ever had problems with babywearing? Yes, I was actually wearing Audrey sideways at first because I thought she was supposed to be next to my boob. It was putting a strain on my back and I was about to give up, but I found some really useful advice and encouragement on the Onya Baby blog so I kept it up. I’m so happy that I did! Now my only problem is if I forget the carrier. Luckily, I wear Audrey so much that it’s only happened once.

Tell us something unique about your babywearing experience: Since I have two under two, I almost always have Audrey in the carrier. Now that Hannah is more mobile, we’ll walk halfway to a location and I will carry her the rest of the way, too! It’s a pretty funny sight.

Babywearing Business Mamas, a Wednesday Editorial feature from You could be the next featured Mom!


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