Fish Inspired Toddler Activity

Sea inspired fish playdate activity for toddlersI’m excited for our fishy playdate today! We are reading the boardbook version of The Rainbow Fish and Squishy Turtle & Friends. I’ve got a colorful fish puzzle for the toddlers to explore, along with a puzzle of sea creatures. Last night I cut out various sizes of felt fish in red, orange, and yellow to ‘swim’ in a blue sea with a touch of algae. We can make one large school of fish or group them by color or size.

I reserved a smaller section of the blue sea to lay on the floor for my infant with her red crab. This crab has moveable legs that click and bounce. Plus the vibrant color is appealing for little ones. I wonder if both girls will figure out how to make a fish face today?

Thanks to my reader suggestions, we’ve got a few fishy songs to listen and sing along.

One little, two little, three little fish-ies

Four little, five little, six little fish-ies

Seven little, eight little, nine little fish-ies

Ten little fishies swimming in the sea.


2 comments on “Fish Inspired Toddler Activity

  1. SO cute. I love that you took the time to make all those fish.

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