Philadelphia Orchestra Presents Carnival of the Animals

We are going to the orchestra on Saturday. On February 16, the Philadelphia Orchestra presents a Family Concert with a creative animal theme. Last month we attended the Holiday Concert and had a wonderful time, so we are thrilled to return!

Holiday Concert Recap

Will you join us for the Carnival of Animals this weekend? I’m planning to pair this visit with a trip to Reading Terminal Market to celebrate Mr. Eco Incognito’s birthday. Click here to learn more about the programs and to purchase tickets. The orchestra has many affordable options for tickets and community outreach programs, so please do not let cost hold you back from sharing a delightful music display with your children.


I love what the orchestra has to say about this concert:

Philadelphia Orchestra

Photo Credit: Jessica Griffin

Come one, come all, to our musical zoo. Hear
the sounds all around; it’s a neat thing to do!
Meet a mule and a swan and a crazy cuckoo.
If you’re lucky, you might hear an elephant,
too. Miss Charlotte returns, and you’ll think
she’s swell. Along with two sisters, named
Christina and Michelle. Come hear our great
music, and come hear our rhymes. At our
carnival of fun, it’s the grandest of times!


As a former musician, I am so excited to share these concerts with my girls at such a young age. I remember dressing up to watch my first live concert. I used to love listening to the tuning at the beginning. Even though I fell asleep halfway through the concert, I still thoroughly enjoyed the experience. My favorite part about the family series with the Philadelphia Orchestra is that it’s scheduled at a terrific time to take the kids. It’s also nice being surrounded by families. We can’t wait to go back!

Disclosure: We received tickets to attend the show from the Philadelphia Orchestra. All opinions are my own.

2 comments on “Philadelphia Orchestra Presents Carnival of the Animals

  1. Lauryn says:

    It sounds like it is going to be a wonderful performance!

  2. how cool! I know my son would get a kick out of this

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