Babywearing – a Poem to Kickoff the Start of Febru-wear-y

febru-wear-yBrrrr! It’s cold outside, but I’ve been keeping warm with Audrey close by. We’re celebrating the month of Febru-wear-y on Eco Incognito with lots of excitement! Next week, we will have a review and giveaway of one of my favorite carriers, the Onya Baby. Babywearing is truly a great way to care for baby during the first year and beyond. As she grows, you will grow the strength to hold her. With two under two, I practically always have one of the kids strapped in. I love the closeness it brings between us, the warmth, and the interactions. It inspired me to write a little poem. Sometimes I sing it to the girls to the tune of Ode to Joy. After the jump, read I’m Everywhere She Wants to Be.

I’m Everywhere She Wants to Be

By: Jeannette Bezinque

I wear my baby by my heart.

It’s where I’ve kept her from the start.

She spends all day smiling at me.

I’m everywhere she wants to be.

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