What is a Real Toy?

Have you ever wondered why a child is more fascinated by a box than a present? Perhaps you’ve seen a little one fumble intently with a pair of cups for several minutes only to walk past every other toy in the room. It may be hard to see at first, but when you watch these little intentions it is very clear that our children are mimicking our actions from a very young age. More than any other form of play, they want to learn how to be like the people they care for the most. We can harness that enthusiasm by training them to follow us.

Tonight, we’re having a twitter party to talk about #Realtoys. These are toys that inspire play. Although it might be difficult to find toys like these at a big box retailer and you may never see them in a commercial, these are the toys kids need. From a very young age, children can learn and practice skills by mimicking adults.

I’m enthusiastically supporting Bull Market Toys’ quest to discover great new learning toys to sell in their store! I love these toys just as much as my kids. They are fun to play, they are fun to hold, and they are even fun to put away. Let’s share the ways we entertain our children. Let’s take pride in getting down on our hands and knees with our kids. Let’s grow great kids!

real toys

This picture was specially designed by Elizabeth of Moulage Collection. http://www.etsy.com/shop/MoulageCollection


One comment on “What is a Real Toy?

  1. Lauryn says:

    I totally agree! Kids do need these toys. I feel like they are usually my kids favorites!

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