Mr. Eco Incognito Takes on The Ultimate UpCycle Challenge

Ultimate Upcycle Challenge

It’s time to unveil my project for the Ultimate Up-Cycle Challenge being sponsored by the Philadelphia Home Show and Habitat for Humanity. In case you didn’t see it coming, I turned a big old worn out dresser into a rockin’ manspired bar. It’s even complete with some sweet swag from Victory Brewing Company. That dresser was a beast. She’s still heavier than sin and she looks really good. It’s hard to see her go, but good to know that the proceeds from the auction will go to the Habitat for Humanity. So I have to ask… What would you pay for my bar?

victory beer label bar

A few weeks ago, we shopped the ReStore for a piece to upcycle. It took me a while to decide on the best project since there was a lot of inspiration in the store. I settled on a huge dresser because I’ve always wanted to build a bar and that thing had really good bones for the project. I started by separating the top and bottom. Then I had to saw down the base since it was taller than I expected. I took apart the shelving from the original base unit and reserved the fixtures. Next, I faced the side that was the back of the dresser with hardwood flooring to make it the new front of the bar. I spray painted the ledge black and added some storage for the bartender. Finally, the top of the bar has a sheen lacquer over a carefully planned collage of Victory Beer Labels.

Check out all the pictures from the process on pinterest:

This is a bar that I’d be proud to keep in my man cave. It’s made from items that otherwise could have ended up in a dump. Hopefully people will see the potential in old furniture and get inspired to recreate from my project and the others in the Ultimate Upcycle Challenge.

ultimate upcycle challenge


12 comments on “Mr. Eco Incognito Takes on The Ultimate UpCycle Challenge

  1. Steph says:

    What a great use of an old dresser!

  2. WOW, that looks amazing. You are much more crafty and handy than me! 🙂

  3. green4u says:

    That sounds like a great idea for a fundraiser. Love the bar!

  4. I love the final product, especially the labels on the top. That’s a great touch!

  5. Looks great. I saw a piece in the garbage a great table i so should have picked it up.. now kicking myself

  6. Xandra says:

    What a great idea! Upcycling is such a great way to add character and functionality to our homes!

  7. Heather says:

    Love it and the nod to local business…win win!

  8. Lauryn says:

    I love this! Great idea Mr. Eco Incognito!

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