Family Friendly Workout

This workout is sure to inspire movement and activity for the whole family. It’s something you can do inside or outside, so it’s a great activity for children on a rainy day. Actually, it’s a great activity for every day! My 5 month old does ‘Belly Time’ while the 19 month old and I go through the moves. She can’t get them all, but she is learning and following more each day. One year olds should get at least 5 minutes of age-appropriate ‘strenuous’ activity each day. Older kids need more than that. Even if you get bored from this workout, your kids won’t tire of it. They love repetition, so get ready to have fun as you watch them kick, stretch and groove along with you.

Did you know that following instructions is one of the most important skills for children to learn? Games like Simon Says are perfect for practicing this. You can also incorporate yoga or Follow the Leader. Coincidentally, “Mama May I” is a great game to play and the shop owner behind Mama May I inspired this very post. I hope that you and your girls enjoy this activity Jessica!

family workout

Copy and Paste Instructions onto your phone for a reference:

1. All Ages Yoga Stretch

Reach up high, crouch down low, stretch out as a star, crouch

5 reps

2. Sing and Move

Head and shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes

(2x slow, 2x fast) 5 reps

3. Shake your Sillies Out!

Jog, high knees, or ski in place for 30 seconds

4. Arm Circles

Grape, basketball, watermelon, tire.

Forward then backward

5. Imaginary Hula Hoop

Circle hips right and left at varying speeds


Start with 5 seconds, increase each time until you get to 30 seconds

7. Tickle Box


One comment on “Family Friendly Workout

  1. This is a great little “yoga” series to get active with little ones! Thanks for sharing, Jeannette! Yesterday I put on the music from Kids in Motion by Greg and Steve (think ’80’s music for kids). It’s so silly and ridiculous that you can’t help but have fun with it. Each song is an “action” song – all the instructions are built into the music. There is a beanbag song, a animal action song (pretend to be animals at the zoo), a freeze dance song… We got out the Silkies (play scarves from the shop) and our beanbags and had fun moving our bodies for about 35-40 minutes. I added some extra stretching and vigorous movements for myself during “down” times in the songs and it felt great to stretch and move my body around. The winter is always a downer for me, so I think infusing some exercise like this into our mornings will help my mood and help us connect a little. Looking forward to some of the other musical selections I came across so that we can have a “workout” rotation. I also got a couple yoga dvds. I thought we could all set up mats and do yoga together once or twice a week.

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