My Spa Visit to Currie Hair, Skin and Nails

Last week, I gave myself the most amazing birthday present. I booked a massage and haircut at Currie in Glen Mills and the service was stellar. The employees greeted me with enthusiastic and friendly smiles every step of the way. As soon as I entered the spa, I was whisked back to a spacious locker room to change into a plush robe. Even during the walk back, the delightful spa aromas began to soften my mood.

Spa VisitSusan Rai provided outstanding care and an excellent massage. But more importantly, her positive and inviting attitude puts her atop my list of friendliest spa professionals. My favorite part of any massage is slipping into the warm bed while the sheets and pillows act as a cocoon. Susan asked my input about scents for the aromatherapy, but I happily left the choices up to her. She delivered an intoxicating combination that immediately sent my mind swimming through happy memories that took place during the year I worked at a spa in college. I listened to the soft melodies and relaxed fully as Susan attentively massaged my stress away.

She started with an invigorating scalp massage that pulsed a few points around my head. As she gently tossed my hair with her fingers, I waited eagerly to feel the release of the strain in my neck. Susan made quick work of delivering heat and relaxation to my neck and upper back with skilled hand motions. She then delivered purposeful, lengthy strokes to my arms before moving to a soothing hand massage. After the massage, she told me that she exercised care along my legs because she noticed the bruises from a recent fall. I noticed no pain while she massaged, so I’m happy that she was attentive to that. She worked through each limb, counter clockwise, delivering such comfort and relaxation that I drifted to sleep on the table only to be woken by her friendly smile in the middle of the massage.

I carefully rolled over and eased my head into the cradle at the top of the bed so that I could lay on my stomach comfortably. Again, she increased my relaxation by revisiting each limb with massage techniques that perfectly suited my body’s needs for soothing and relaxation. I would define her handwork as purposeful, since I could tell that she would easily deliver a stronger or more gentle massage to suit anyone’s taste. A lot of time was devoted to my back, particularly in what I call the “accordion massage”. Using long, continuous, sweeping motions with a little pressure, masseuses drag their forearms and palms, one after another across the entire back moving slowly from the hips to the shoulders. There isn’t a massage chair in the world that could replicate Susan’s perfect delivery of this technique.

If you’ve never had a massage before, making the choice to get one can be intimidating. I can still remember giggling a little before my first massage years ago. My fears quickly dissipated when I realized how comforting and professional a masseuse can be. Still, if you’ve ever wondered, “What happens during a massage?” I hope that this recap helps you make the decision to book a massage for your own well being. You deserve it! I cannot wait to go back to enjoy another one of the 13 styles of massages that Susan offers. One per month, with an extra for good luck? Sounds like a winning year.

This would have been a great enough way to spend my birthday on it’s own, but I also had time to take a rejuvenating shower in their locker room before meeting my new friend, Kent Frederick in the salon. I would call Kent a Hair Stylist for the Soul. In the first five minutes, he offered confidence and encouragement to keep my hair long. He complimented the health of my natural hair and helped me appreciate the ease of having great hair that doesn’t require styling every day. As a Mom, that is HUGE, since I barely even have the time to comb my hair each day.

Will I be going back? Absolutely! I’m already planning a return visit for a mini-spa retreat complete with facial, massage, hair and makeup. It’ll happen as soon as I plan the perfect date night to top off such a great day. What do you do to relax and rewind these days?


9 comments on “My Spa Visit to Currie Hair, Skin and Nails

  1. Sounds like such a relaxing time! I had a massage a few years ago and still remember how much it released.

  2. Heather says:

    Wow, we are looking for a local spa and this one sounds right up our alley. Do you have a pic of your haircut? I need a new stylist that can handle my crazy, unmanageable hair…or help me get my mop under control. Would love to hear more…Kent sounds perfect!

  3. I love full body massages. They are amazing but unfortunately I have not had one since I have gotten pregnant. Maybe after I deliver this 2nd baby! 🙂

    • ecoincognito says:

      Noelle, have you ever had a maternity massage?? They are fantastic and perfect for the second or third trimesters! The Masseuse brings a huge body pillow onto the table and you relax on your side. Susan does them, too. I checked, since I will definitely want one if we have another baby!

  4. I’ve only had one massage ever, and it’s been a few years ago… I think I need to schedule one soon!! 🙂

  5. Steph says:

    Ahhh a day at the spa! I totally need one of those!

  6. This sounds like pure bliss! Happy birthday and sounds like the perfect present to yourself 🙂

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