Toddler Yoga Poem

By Jeannette Bezinque   1.11.13

Recently, I read an article that the most important lesson you can teach a child is to follow instructions. When it comes to a healthy mind, activities that foster the ability to listen and act on clear directions are best. Suggested games included Simon Says and Mama May I, but I immediately thought that yoga would offer a wonderful way to strengthen this skill.

Hannah, my 19 month old, shows a keen interest in talking about body parts and reading books. One of the things I find is that repetition is a key to her understanding and becoming comfortable with a skill. She doesn’t get bored hearing the same story over and over. If she wants to move on to something else, she will do that and often return with even more enthusiasm. Right now, when I recite yoga poems to her she lifts her arms skyward or turns around in a circle. She has a lot to learn, but the lessons will go by quickly. That’s why I’m starting early!

An asana is a foundation of yoga. Nearly every class starts with these heat-building flows. The simple steps are easy for everyone and the sequence is very memorable. I wrote this poem to engage young listeners in the practice of yoga.

Read Salutation Celebration after the jump.

Salutation Celebration
By: Eco Incognito

toddler yoga poemEvery day can be a yoga celebration,
Let’s start right now with a Sun Salutation.

Arms way up high
Hands to the sky
Arms way down low
Hands touch your toes

Lift up your head
While you straighten your back
Then flop on over
and hang like a sack.

Sway your body side to side
Let your breathing be your guide.

Inhale, Exhale, not too fast
Make each breath last and last.

Set an intention or give thanks,
Then move your legs back to plank.
Chattaranga is the move
That gets us in the yoga groove

A pushup down, then cobra to rise,
Down Dog lifts your bum to the sky.

Left leg, right leg,
back up by your hands
Raise like a swan with
a wide wing span.

Hands together above your head,
Back to your heart and begin again.


COPYRIGHT © 2013 Jeannette Bezinque


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