Grow a Humanity Garden

There are many hearts that want to inspire change. From our next actions, we will grow.

We are all conflicted by the tragedy at Sandyhook Elementary School on Friday. If you’re like me, you spent your weekend thinking about the roots of the problem in our nation that is causing people to act out with such hatred against innocent victims. I do not think that a sweeping legislation will help us. However, I strongly believe that we can turn our nation around by returning to the same wholesome roots that rebuilt our nation during World War II.

Humanity Garden

In 1944, our president called on every citizen of the United States to grow Victory Gardens. He stated that home based gardens “made the difference between scarcity and abundance.”

We are still at war. We still do not have enough food to meet the demands of our growing population. We still need gardens to solve the basic needs of the next generation.

Hear these immortal words and join the charge. Let’s make 2013 the year of the green with HUMANITY GARDENS.

Because of the greatly increased demands in 1944, we will need all the food we can grow. Food still remains a first essential to winning the war. Victory gardens are of direct benefit in helping relieve manpower, transportation, and living costs as well as the food problem.

-Franklin D. Roosevelt

We, as a country, have all the resources we need to accomplish this goal in 2013. Don’t spend another second wondering what you can do to improve legislature for future generations. Begin planning your Humanity Garden now so that you can take charge of the situation this Spring! Involve your children, involve your friends, and involve your community.

We all need to participate in gardening for 6 basic reasons. The simple act of gardening:

Provides healthier food

Prevents idle behavior

Offers opportunity for physical activity

Allows access to sunlight

Builds community by sharing

Facilitates sleep through accomplishing work during the day

[Adapted from this list of 6 ways to combat depression:]

Ready to get involved?

I want to do everything I can to help you grow a bountiful harvest in 2013. First, take the pledge here and leave a comment with your commitment to grow a garden in 2013. Next, join the community on Facebook, where we will support one another with our plans for a Green 2013. Finally, use Twitter to share photos or quick snippets of your gardening activities with #HumanityGarden. Throughout the year we will recognize our star gardeners with Green Thumb Awards from Eco Incognito. We can’t wait to see what you grow inside, outside, on the roof, downtown, or as a group.

Keep it simple, keep it fresh, keep it hearty.

12 comments on “Grow a Humanity Garden

  1. Ellen O says:

    Start composting now so you can amend your soil come spring.

  2. Amanda says:

    I am definitely in on this! I would also like to share this on my blog . I am going to send you a message now 🙂

  3. I’m joining! This is a fantastic challenge, and I would love to support and promote it in any way I can.

  4. I will tell all my gardening friends about this great challenge.

  5. Emily says:

    Great idea! Thank you!

  6. We just got some seed catalogs and I am already brainstorming our garden for next year!

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