Practically Free Eco-Friendly Samples

I have lovingly dubbed Abe’s Market the “Amazon” of eco-friendly stuff. Generally I would try to use a more descriptive word than “stuff,” but they have some of everything so it really fits the bill! I have swooned over the toy selection, stocked my kitchen with useful reusable utensils, and outfitted the girls with great gear. This is a site that I will be diving into more and more as our household gets greener. If you’re ready to test the green waters, you will love this deal.

Test three eco-friendly samples for $5 and get a coupon code for $5 off a future purchase. I just placed my order and selected Surf Sweets, Soapnuts, and baby wash. I’m excited to try all three! There is a wide variety of items to choose from, so you could even use this deal to pick a few stocking stuffers. When I shop again, I’m planning to buy a reusable grocery bag. You’ll see why in an upcoming post! Since shipping is free all month, its a great time to shop online. This is the direct link to the discover natural box:

Thanks for the tip []

Click here to visit Abe’s Market and shop their last sale of the season.

Happy shopping and stocking stuffing!

Abe's Market

Abe’s Market

Disclosure: This post includes an affiliate link. If you were to make a purchase, I would receive a small commission. Thank you for supporting Eco Incognito!

6 comments on “Practically Free Eco-Friendly Samples

  1. I saw the other post. Definitely an online retailer I need to check out!

  2. Thanks for the tip! I’ll have to check this one out.

  3. thebusybaby says:

    This is fun! I’m trying the biodegradable wipes, the soap nuts, and the granola.

  4. Going to check out this site right now! P.S. The surf sweets rock!

  5. […] I love Abe’s Market because it is a wholesale collection of many eco-friendly shops, just like Amazon. They have great deals around every Holiday and you can find housewares, baby gear, and even food there. Plus, there is a way to sample some of their items for practically free. Check out how to order an almost-free sample from Abe’s Market. […]

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