The Unspoken Rule of Babywearing

When you wear a sleeping baby, onlookers marvel at your mothering skills and comment at how cozy your baby looks. A smiling baby creates a contagious smile for everyone who passes by. Wear a crying baby, however, and all of a sudden that snuggly sack begins to look like a medieval torture device. It’s likely to elicit the questioning stare of, “why doesn’t that baby have a pacifier” or “is she pinching the baby, poor thing.” As a new Mother, it is not easy to weather those comments, so I would like to reassure everyone that those crying babies are just fine in their Mother’s arms.

Simply put, a baby belongs in her mother’s arms above all else. Realistically, that’s not always possible, but babywearing makes it a much more feasible task. The other truth about babies is that they cry. Even though you can minimize crying by keeping babies on a routine and in familiar surroundings, these little people have to peep to get their point across! The best part about babywearing is also the worst part. You are in a front row seat for the tears and yelps. During certain developmental weeks babies will cry even more as part of an adjustment to their new awareness. Similar to wearing a horcrux, it is a necessary challenge to wear your baby through these leaps.

I can’t guarantee that wearing a baby will always be the happiest part of your day, but I can guarantee that on days that you wear a baby you will be happier in general! Parents, remember this, keep your baby close by through the hard parts. That is when she needs you the most!

Babywearing Family

4 comments on “The Unspoken Rule of Babywearing

  1. Beautifully written! I have not had anyone openly criticize me for wearing my baby. However, there have been moments when my baby has “freaked out” in public while being worn. In those moments I am always hyper aware of people’s judging eyes and my anxiety level rises. I am learning to let go of the fear of people judging my parenting. Keeping my baby close is instinctive. I appreciate you advocating for what comes natural to us as mammal mothers.

  2. Love the Harry Potter reference!

  3. Hi Jeannette! I came across this post from the green moms network on facebook. I just subscribed to your blog. I’m also following you on twitter. Would you mind taking a look at my little corner of the internet >> I’d really appreciate your support. You have a beautiful family by the way. Yay for baby wearing!!! I’m looking forward in reading more of your posts 🙂

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