Clean Fridge Club

I’m not the only person who’s more excited for leftovers than the Thanksgiving meal, right? This year, I want to challenge every household to use up all your leftovers. A little advance planning can make a simple transition from full-on-feast, to ready-made-snack. Since Thanksgiving has already been deemed the most wasteful holiday in the US when it comes to Turkey Consumption*, it is imperative that we all pitch in to avoid food waste!

In these last days leading up to Thanksgiving, set a plan of action to tackle the whole Turkey. Whether you host a BYOT party (bring your own tupperware) or purchase the rolls and wraps with the rest of your Thanksgiving meal items, try to encourage everyone at the table to prevent turkey trash. You can also use smaller plates and keep the extra food in the kitchen so that your guests are less tempted to take more than they can eat. This is especially important for serving children.

If you chill leftovers as quickly as possible, practice “safe microwaving”, and prepare for meal variety with the extra turkey, your family can benefit from the ease of pre-prepared food for several days after the holiday. I’m wishing you all a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!


Clean Fridge Club



4 comments on “Clean Fridge Club

  1. Luckily Thanksgiving leftovers are one of the few kinds of leftovers the hubby likes (he’s not a fan of leftovers in general) so Thanksgiving leftovers are gobbled up pretty quickly afterwards. 🙂 I even save and freeze the bones and carcass for making a soup stock later in the winter. I love Thanksgiving leftovers! 🙂

    Have a very Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

    the Tornado in Mama’s Broken Heart – which is an American Heart – shows that Six Degrees of Separation is Too Close

  2. So glad you wrote this! I saw something on the news this morning about saving food waste being the number one way to save on Thanksgiving.

  3. We love Thanksgiving leftovers! Stuffing with gravy and sweet potatoes mixed together is the best. One year, I will have to goal of making turkey stock out of the bones.

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