Lessons from Aunt Jeannette

My namesake is one of the best Moms I know. She loves all children, encourages other Moms, and sets a great example with her own family. When I was a child, we called the time I spent with her “camp.” Now that I’m a Mom, I think of it as Motherhood Bootcamp. Aunt J does everything right, to the fullest extent, and offers helpful lessons to anyone she meets.

She’s conscientious about not being wasteful, but she’s also a resourceful consumer. On the eco-friendly spectrum, she is poised somewhere near the middle. Her cleaning and cooking methods are easily adaptable. Plus, they always save time, money, and energy so I would encourage you to use them in your own household. You’ll often hear her say, “I am the cheapest American” with pride. It’s a family mantra that she passed along to me. By being cheap on the day-to-day home operations, you can loosen the purse strings when it counts. A generous gift to a child is a much better way to spend money than an item you would throw away. By the same token, enjoying a meal outside of the home beats paying full price for groceries any time. She has shown me that you can have it all even if you don’t have all the money in the world. Prosperity through creativity can yield a very happy home.

As the lucky recipient of some of the wealth of her knowledge, I have hand picked my favorite tips to share with you!

Helpful Household TIps

Helpful Household TIps


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