Audrey and Hannah are Growing Quickly

I’ve tried feverishly to take more photos and videos of my girls, but Hannah reaches for the camera faster than a starlet attacking a paparazzo. There are so many shareable moments each day that I wish I could capture with photographic perfection. Unfortunately my skills in that realm are lacking. Nonetheless, I’m making an effort to document more from now on because these are memories worth keeping. Even on the days when I go to sleep exhausted and strung out I’m still happier than I’ve ever been. I truly believe that Hannah physically has to keep me frazzled or my heart would literally explode from how much I love her. I find myself taking deep breaths through the hard days. More often, I take deep breaths when she comes up to give me a hug to stretch that sweet instant for as long as I can.

Two Baby Girls

Thank you, as always, for reading and sharing in the delight of raising these two amazing girls.


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