Green Bills

I swapped to online billpay two months ago because I realized that I’m spending nearly $50 on stamps each year just to mail in bills. Although it was time consuming to set up at first, I’m really happy I took the time to do it. Now, it’s a snap to pay my bill and I can set the time of delivery so that the money comes out on the latest day possible. I used to stash bills and try to pay a group all at once, but now I can log onto the website and set up a transaction as soon as the bill comes in and I avoid forgetting about it.

So far, I have had no issues with online billpay. My bank makes it quick and easy to pay bills to the same companies each month. I can even pay from my iPhone if my laptop isn’t handy. I like that I’m still in control of the payments and that they automatically calculate my balance to show the post-payment status so that I can make sure there are sufficient funds.

In the past, I had trouble with Autopay so I was hesitant to jump into this. The difference is that autopay is controlled by the recipient, whereas you control billpay. In my experience, a certain cable company stuck their hand in the cookie jar and kept grabbing. Since I’ve had a good experience using this service, I’m ready to take the next step and go paperless for a truly green payment option.

*Extra green tip: The next time you call your credit card companies, ask to be removed from the promotional mailing list to save that paper.

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