Our First (Semi) Green Halloween

Halloween 2012 was one for the books! We were inspired by the early displays in neighboring yards, so my husband wanted to set the standard for a spook-tacular experience. The fun lasted just one day, but it will be remembered by many for years to come. Halloween is a great holiday and I’m happy that he started a tradition while trying to make some eco friendly choices for the celebration.

The fun started before Halloween at our Mom’s club outing. I dressed the girls in matching Cinderella costumes that were gifted to me before the girls were born. These Disney costumes have held a special place in the closet for almost two years and they finally got to see the light of day! It was so sweet to watch Hannah’s eyes light up as I showed her the dress and then held her up to the mirror to see her reflection. Hannah played the part like a pro and even lost her shoe for authenticity.

Disney Cinderella baby costumes

Shortly after that, I dressed up for my home town parade. On a friend’s suggestion, I assembled supplies from the nursery to construct a “Lady Baba” costume. I wasn’t the only pop star at the parade. Michael Jackson and I waved to the crowd and had a great time sharing the excitement of the holiday.

Lady Baba, Little Monster, and Michael Jackson at the Halloween Parade

We waited until the night before Halloween to carve our pumpkins because of the storm preparations for Hurricane Sandy. I was thrilled to find a great recipe for my pumpkin seeds. Unfortunately, my carving skills are below par compared to my cooking skills. At least my husband saved the day with a ghostly pumpkin!

A ghastly pumpkin carved from a template.

The fun for my husband came on Halloween day, when he turned our front yard into a spooky cemetery. Candlelight lured visitors up the path to get treats at the vacant table. He constructed a coffin from surplus wood and laid inside wearing a creepy mask. In case you didn’t already guess, he scared the living daylights out of the older kids in the neighborhood and had a great time doing it. Hannah is too young to be scared, so she explored the yard fearlessly.

Halloween princess in the graveyard.

We weren’t perfectly green, but I’m glad we gave it our best try. Next year we’ll reuse everything and build on what worked best. My favorite preparation for Halloween was making scarecrows from clothes we would have otherwise donated.

A couple of scarecrows.



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