Exton Square Mall Playground

The new playground at the Exton Square Mall is a toddler wonderland! I can’t say enough good things about the well-planned design, the whimsical theme, and the exciting grand-opening party. There is no doubt that this upgrade will make the mall a top-destination for shoppers with little kids. I am so excited for my girls to have a vibrant space to explore and play safely. Although it is technically a “free” activity, it is likely to inspire impulse purchases, but I’m excited about that, too!

A few weeks ago, the mall released this photo of the space on their facebook page:

Image via Exton Square Mall on Facebook.

I was so eager to see this in person and let Hannah explore that I decided to brave the crowd for the Grand Opening party. It was worth it! Hannah loved walking and crawling through the garden fixtures while navigating around the many enthusiastic children. The highlight for me was seeing the smile on her face from the minute we walked through the entry. Her curiosity led her around the space and I followed along. I loved that there was no need to prevent her from climbing unsafe structures or chasing after her down the hallway since it is all enclosed. I can’t wait to go back to utilize the comfy seating area while she plays on her own.

Hannah explores the giant mushrooms caps.

Mummers provided added excitement to the party with a man on stilts and a five-piece polka band. Hannah bobbed her head as soon as they started playing and followed after them as they walked through the mall. There were also prizes, treats, and face painters to delight all the attendees.

Polka band with toddler onlooker.

The mall did such a great job that I was happy to have the opportunity to thank the Manager while we were there. The new space is a true delight and welcome addition to our community!


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