Teflon Party Crashers

Last night @BusyMommyMedia hosted a twitter party that was sponsored by Teflon(R) and got crashed by a group of green bloggers. The message was strong, “Don’t promote Teflon- it’s toxic” but it was rudely delivered. On twitter and in real life, you can’t rush into a crowded room, scream about toxins, and expect to be taken seriously. Rachel from Busy Mommy chose this sponsorship for a reason. Either she didn’t know about the toxic effects of the cookware, or the fact that they save time by being easy to clean is more important to her in comparison. She’s entitled to that opinion and we’re not going to sway her or anyone else by rattling off a list of chemicals.

Rachel, I’d like to invite you to my home for a delicious meal cooked in a good ol’ cast iron skillet or the beautiful stainless steel cookware we use on our induction stove. I know that you live far away, but the next time business brings you to Philadelphia I truly hope you’ll take me up on this offer. 

On behalf of the green bloggers who are trying promote eco-friendly living that’s also mainstream-friendly, I’m sorry your brand message was diluted. There is a better way to cook and we’d like to help you find it.

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