Divine Secrets of the Ra Ra Sisterhood

There’s no doubt in my mind that Hannah loves Audrey. For her young age, she’s an amazing big sister. Not only does she tolerate the baby’s capitalization of her own mama, but she shows affection and appreciation for Audrey’s presence. These two are knit together, but they are so different that only time will tell how their relationship develops. The only certain is that right now there is love, lots of it, and I feel so blessed to wrap my arms around it each day.

On the days when I get Hannah first thing in the morning and Audrey is with me, Hannah gives her a beaming smile while waving and saying “baby.” If Audrey is still in bed, she’ll smile at me but point at the door and ask about the baby. Nearly every time I lay Audrey on the floor to play, Hannah bends over to give her a kiss. That’s one of the many times during the day that she likes to kiss the baby. Her kisses are mushy, but sweet, and I giggled with Hannah as she attempted to pat Audrey’s head with a washcloth after leaving a sloppy kiss today. I love to sit on the floor with Audrey and wait for Hannah to crawl into my lap. I navigate the baby from side to side as Hannah climbs around my limbs.

Not everything that Hannah does to her sister is with a kind touch, but it’s all done with a sweetness and curiosity that lets me know she’s just learning how to interact with a baby. It might look like she’s poking her sister when she points to and names the body parts she’s learning. She’s also a little rough with the shaky toys that she uses to entertain her sister. I can tell she’s just mimicking my actions in her own way, which makes me happy that she is not only learning from me but demonstrating that she wants to share them with Audrey. When she talks about the baby it’s always with a happy tone, so it came as no surprise to me that she tried to say Audrey for the first time. It came out as “Ra Ra,” but was distinctly intended for her little sister.

People are generally quick to respond how close in age the girls are, but when I watch interactions like these I can’t help but think we’re all in the right place at the right time.


Sisters at play.


2 comments on “Divine Secrets of the Ra Ra Sisterhood

  1. This is so sweet! I’m looking forward to the day when Annaliese can step into a role as a big sister. Your little girls are so precious.

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