Healthy Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and excitement is building this year over all the healthy ways to have a Green Halloween(R). If you’ve already taken advantage of the grocery store sales for candy and treats, don’t feel guilty. The kids that have grown up on these traditions expect to get the king size Butterfinger from the house on the top of the hill and I wouldn’t want you to disappoint them. However, if you’re trying to find ways to make Halloween healthier in your neighborhood or even your own home, you have come to the right place! I’m participating in the 2012 Green Halloween® Blogfest and I would encourage you to visit the site to find out more ways from the experts on how to have all the fun without all the junk.

We’re new to our neighborhood this year and the Halloween spirit is in full force so we’re inspired to do a really good job. The question is… how do you give kids a healthy treat and make them want to eat it? I already know that there is a great new brand of candy on the market called “Unreal” that everyone is raving about. It’s got snazzy packaging, so I don’t think it will end up in a Lame Candy pile, but I do think kids will still reach for a Reeses before a #77 simply for the name recognition. We’re also going to give out Dum Dums because they’re cheap and satisfying. The candy is gluten free, so kids with allergies will welcome it. If it’s the #1 giveaway at the pediatrician’s office it can’t be that bad- right?

My plan is to let my husband have his Halloween fun and turn our yard into the spooky destination on the street. Since it’ll be a memorable destination worth stopping at for more than 5 seconds, I’m hoping to talk candy with other parents on the block. I’ll let them know about what’s in our candy bowl and hopefully inspire them to offer the same giveaways next year.

What’s in your candy bowl?

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