KISS My Baby’s Bum

Keep It Simple, Sister is the motto of the house. People rarely associate cloth diapering with simplicity, but around here we take all the shortcuts we can get. Having two kids in diapers keeps you on our toes no matter how you cover the bums, so I don’t feel that we’d save all that much time if we used disposable diapers. Sure, we have to do a load of laundry each day, but I don’t have to go to the store for new diapers. My ultimate nightmare is balancing two boxes of diapers in a shopping cart with a toddler while wearing in infant. It makes me tired just thinking about that!

Hands down, cloth diapering saves a lot of headaches even though there was a bit of an adjustment phase. There are still times when I find myself searching for a diaper that’s in the wash, but there are other times when I pat myself on the back for exploring the versatility of cloth. If I don’t have a wipe, I’ll grab a wash cloth. When we use the last diaper from the drawer I work out of the diaper bag until the laundry is through. Truthfully, diapers rarely make it to the drawer anyway since it’s easier to toss them in a laundry basket each day. I’ve even snapped Hannah’s diapers for a smaller fit and used them on Audrey if they’re handy. Last summer, Hannah spent most of the time in a tshirt and diaper since the cloth ones are so cute. That simplified fumbling with pants during changes.

With Hannah, I was constantly researching cloth diapering and looking for new styles and brands until I finally got lazy. I have enough diapers for two babies and I’m going to use them until they are threadbare. What we don’t have is a nighttime solution and for now I’m OK with that. Like many other families, we use disposable diapers at night. But even they sometimes leak so I am keeping my eyes peeled for the next easy solution for nighttime diapering. Ideally everything will fall into place when Hannah gets the potty routine down. That’s my light at the end of the tunnel, even though I know it will bring a new set of challenges that I can try to simplify.

In our house, cloth diapers are usually in the dryer.

I’m not the only Mom whose cloth diapers rarely make it to the drawer- right?

2 comments on “KISS My Baby’s Bum

  1. Rachel @ Busy Mommy Media says:

    Swaddlebees stuffed with an extra prefold works great for us at night

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