Tulip Grease – Luxury Lip Balm Review

I’m thrilled to introduce Tulip Grease, a natural lip balm that is bursting with flavor. We’re entering chapped-lip season, but I’m confident that these tubes pack a powerful enough punch to soothe even the worst cracks. I had just started to experience parched lips when we turned on the heat during the cold front, but that feeling is gone. There are subtle differences to the counterparts you would find at the drugstore, but the big one is the lasting sensation of smooth, kissable lips.

My husband and I put the purse pack trio to the test and I’d love to tell you that it led to a steamy make-out session, but that would be a lie. We both decided that Lemon Love is swoon-worthy and smacked our lips to that sensational flavor. It’s easy to see why it tops the best seller list, since it tastes just like a Rita’s water ice Lemon Gelato. That just happens to be my favorite flavor, so I am ecstatic to have this on hand to soothe my winter craving for the icy treat. Maybe I’ll refrigerate it for the perfect chill!

You can pick up your own Tulip Grease on Etsy or directly through the site. Visit www.tulipgrease.com now to experience a truly satisfying lip balm. There’s no balmy residue and you don’t need to apply every 10 seconds because it actually provides lasting relief. Lingering luxury for your lips in flavors like Lavendar Tartine and Plum Smuggler.

The adorable purse pack ($25) comes with three flavors to mix and match and is a perfect bridesmaid gift, stocking stuffer, or treat to accompany a spa gift certificate.

Tulip Grease Lip Balm

Tulip Grease | Natural Lip Balm


Thanks to the makers of Tulip Grease for providing a sample to facilitate this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


2 comments on “Tulip Grease – Luxury Lip Balm Review

  1. Thank you for the great review! I’m so glad you are both enjoying Lemon Love! 🙂

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