Green Pride

Up until a few years ago, I was just about as far from “green” as you can get. I’m racking my brain trying to think of a single thing I bought or consumed with any concern for the environment and I’m embarrassed that I can’t think of any. Becoming green has been an exciting challenge for me because it’s all new. The fact that I’m changing my lifestyle to incorporate eco conscious activities makes me a unique advocate for green living. Since I know and appreciate both sides of the spectrum it’s easy for me to “see the green” in everyone.

I don’t think I’m any closer to a wholly eco lifestyle than the next person, but I do feel like what I’m doing is great for my family. While I’m shopping or cooking or traveling, I make green rationalizations to decide what’s right for us. There’s always an alternative that is more or less eco friendly than what I choose, so I make the best decision for right now and keep my mind open for better options in the future. I’m eagerly anticipating the day when my family can grow a garden and harvest food, but we’ll do that more for a learning experience than an effort to take another step off the grid. In fact, I’ll probably still buy frozen peas by the bag at that point to save time. That still beats single-serve, right?

It doesn’t matter how green you are or how much effort you put into being green. The most important thing is to keep your mind open to the possibility of improving your lifestyle by connecting ecology, economics, and simplicity in the right blend for your household. We need to show our children that we’re willing to make compromises and put in extra effort so that they will have a cleaner Earth and healthier lifestyle. Don’t let green guilt keep you from getting started. Allow green pride to motivate you to do better each day for the next generation!


2 comments on “Green Pride

  1. Karin says:

    My favorite is when being eco-conscious and price-conscious line up!

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