Follow Friday

If you’re waiting for an invitation to join Twitter, consider this it! Fridays are, in my opinion, the best day to jump into the conversation because the day is intended for making new connections. You can easily get started with a few simple steps and learn the rest as you go.

Invitation created on

Step One: Create an Account on

If you intend to use Twitter on any professional level, you should include your full name and general location. A short bio is helpful, too. You can be candid or silly here, but you’ll want to grab attention so that people will follow you back.

Step Two: Follow and Connect

You can follow friends, celebrities, brands, politicians, authors, comedians, and parody accounts to name a few. The first two Tweeters I followed were @HilaryDuff and @NickWalsh. From there I quickly found more people to follow based on my interests. To speak about or with someone on Twitter, you simply type their alias anywhere in the tweet, generally first. When you join, send me a tweet about something you love and I’ll help you find relevant thought leaders in the category or people whose tweets will make you laugh so hard you’ll pee.

Step 3: Use the #hashtag

Hashtags are Twitter’s greatest tool, but they’re often overused. I try to keep it to one per tweet, but some people go overboard. When you see a hashtag you can click on it to see more tweets about the same topic. Similarly, if you’re talking about something, you can use a hashtag to make sure others will see your thought. The biggest use of hashtags is for Twitter parties. You can win prizes, make new connections, or learn about brands during these parties simply by following the hosts. Most hosts will offer instructions about the best way to follow the party before it begins, otherwise you can do a quick Google search to set up a tool that will help you keep up with the conversation.

Step 4: Learn the lingo

RT- Retweet to share a tweet and give credit to the author.
Via – Used to credit an author when sharing a link.

Here’s an example tweet to start off looking like a pro. Feel free to copy and paste this into your “compose new tweet” box.

@Ecoincognito I just joined twitter. *Waves hello* #newbie

Check your “Connections” section to see when people mention you. Be friendly and fearless. You may not always get replies, but often you will be pleasantly surprised. Enjoy the conversation!


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