I don’t usually blog about my marriage because if things are going well I don’t want to jinx them and if things aren’t going well I’d rather keep that to myself. But, today is our third wedding anniversary, so I’m nostalgic and googly-eyed looking through our wedding photos and remembering why this day will always bring us closer together.

There are a lot of reasons why I love Zac, and all those reasons are important because they make up for the times that he makes me crazy. This year he’s gone above and beyond (in both sides of the spectrum.) He is a true foundation for this family and he’s done some amazing things for us recently. He bought our house, worked on a million renovation projects, enrolled back in school and through it all he continues to help with housework while working around the clock. If this sounds to good to be true, it is because this is the same man that told me to put on my big girl panties one week after giving birth and get back to taking care of our toddler and the house. He also puts my bras in the dryer and considers taking a nap on the floor a way to “watch the girls.”

We both push each other to the limits, but it’s starting to seem like we’ve pushed one another as far as possible and are finally understanding each other. He’s showed me that even if he messes something up or things don’t go my way, he still wants what’s best for our family. Having the girls has helped me see that side of him in action. It’s given us both a clear perspective of the important parts of life and is allowing us to forgive and forget a lot of challenges from the past.

The internet has played a huge part in helping me become the type of Mother I want my girls to be, but I realized recently that I can only be that Mother if I’m a great wife, too. Taking on the challenge of running is my biggest gift to Zac this year and I’m lucky that it’s also benefitting my whole family. I’m happy to have the encouragement and knowledge of the interwebs to help me through it because Zac deserves a strong woman to help raise his daughters.

A few weeks ago, we were on a hike with the girls and an old couple walked past us holding hands and chatting during a leisurely stroll on the path. Then we passed a couple in their fifties who were decked out in workout gear and getting set to tackle the challenge of the trail. They were fit and, dare I say, sexy and I realized that’s what we’re meant to be. I have to let go of the part of me that always opts for normalcy, perfection and the easy way. Instead, I’m finally ready for the adventure I set out on 5 years ago when I met a young sailor at a bar. I think it’s going to be a wild ride and it’s time I let loose.

Zac, I love you. I skipped the damn card and wrote you this blog instead to save paper.


2 comments on “Twitterpated

  1. Yes, you dare say people can be sexy in their 50s. (∧_∧)

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