Leave My Microwave Alone!

As a born-again ecophyte, I’m constantly bombarded by information about becoming healthier and saving the world. Many of these topics I take very seriously and strive to incorporate into my household. I am not, however, willing to give up my microwave. The demands of two very young babies don’t leave many options when it comes to cooking at home, so nearly everything we eat has been cooked prior to mealtime. My cousin used to joke that my aunt would buy leftovers and the same could easily be said about me. I buy everything with leftovers in mind, so it’s not much of a stretch!

A hot topic on the internet right now is food safety and microwaves are taking a lot of heat (see what I did there?) While the health of my family is a major priority, I just can’t rag on the microwave because it allows me to serve delicious home cooked meals all the time. Maybe in a few years I’ll prepare fresh, hot meals that reach the table at 5:45 each night after the kids get home from school. For now, I’m going to stealthily microwave yesterday’s dinner for lunch each day between Hannah’s story time and Audrey’s snooze.

While we’re talking about appliances and the environment, you better leave my dryer alone, too.


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