If You Give a Mom a Reebok…

… She’s going to ask for a new pair of socks. Then she’ll realize that since her indoor workout gear won’t cut it in the cooler weather, she’ll need some more layers. Her fingers will get cold, so she’ll order a pair of gloves. Of course she’ll need a matching hat! When daylight savings starts, her black “secret service” inspired outfit will be too dark and she’ll have to get a brightly colored shirt. She’ll see a jacket in the store and want that, too. By this point she’ll rack up enough points on her royalty credit card for a reward, so she will rush to the store to get a motivational shirt. At the store, she’ll realize that her running bra is getting worn out and she should probably buy three more to last the week. After a few more weeks, her shoes will be on their last legs so she’ll custom design a new pair.

They’ll arrive in the mail and she will realize that they don’t match anything in her closet…

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