Rainy Day Fun

If you search for Rainy Day activity ideas, you’ll find endless suggestions to while the hours with cards, games, cooking, etc. These may all be fun, but today we’re going to spend time outside in the drizzle and I’d encourage you to do the same with your kids every once in a while! Bundle up in some rain gear and head out to explore.

Everything is different with a little rain on it. Even the littlest kids can benefit from feeling rain. Think about what you can teach them! They’ll learn about the body parts that are exposed to the rain, you can easily describe feeling wet and cold, and they can splash! Move slowly through slippery parts to help them understand patience. Everyone can have fun outside with the right gear.

Today, we’re unpacking our rain jackets and boots and we’re going to head outside to explore. Rain, snow, sleet, or shine, we’re going to go outside every day for at least a little while to play. I can’t think of a better way for my kids to learn about nature and weather and to develop a passion for the outdoors than being there.

Hannah explores the raindrops on the leaves.

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