Motivation Monday

I’m joining the Motivation Monday Blog hop to make a confession. It’s no secret that my family provides all the inspiration that I need to tackle my daily challenges. However, I’m also driven to make eco friendly decisions about our lifestyle and to learn more about natural living because I think my family is going to survive Armageddon. I realize that the chances of a meteor crash, financial meltdown, alien invasion, or zombie attack are remote, but I’ve been comforted knowing that my husband has a plan for the apocalypse and I’ve been working on a few preparations of my own.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I can talk about my most recent decision to start running which is fueled, in part, as a survival provision. I spent my entire childhood avoiding running, my early twenties running out of cash, and the first years of motherhood running late. I finally realized that in order to keep up with my active husband, I would have to pound the pavement and actually RUN. With each of my daughter’s quickening steps, it has become clear that she possesses his athletic nature so I’m running for her for three reasons. I want to be in shape to play with her and serve as a role model for a healthy lifestyle, but I also need to know that I can rush with her to safety if necessary. Now that I’ve amassed a mountain of reasons to run, I’m reaping benefits left and right from actually starting to run.

Right now, I’m not running fast enough to escape the wrath of my toddler, but I’m getting out there to meet the challenge and I feel great. I LOVE strolling and running through my neighborhood for many reasons. The hills are preparing me to tackle any terrain and they offer breathtaking views of the valley. At a staggering 31 miles in the distance, we can even see Philadelphia’s skyline and Ben Franklin Bridge. Clearly, this vantage will come in handy when deciding which way will lead to safety amidst disaster. I’m learning that with a little effort, I can make sweeping changes to my life by doing one of the most natural things in the world- running.

When it comes to motivation, don’t be afraid to own what truly drives you. If I hadn’t taken the time to think through my Armageddon plans and realize that, sadly, I won’t make it to the dock if I can’t make it down the driveway without losing my breath I would never have taken the first faster steps towards a new hobby and passion that will shape my life (and abs) for years to come.
Thanks to Steph and Barb, who are hosting this Blog Carnival! You may visit their blogs and others that are participating by clicking here.

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