Hand Crafted Birthday Gift

A few weeks ago, my friend Czarlenne’s little boy turned one. He and Hannah frequent many of the library activities together and we were very excited to go to his jungle-themed birthday party. I’ve been really eager to start crafting felt activities for Hannah, so I decided to make Cody a custom board of his own.

Librarians often use felt boards along with their stories to give a dynamic visual to the children. Felt is a great product for their age group because it’s fun to manipulate with small hands, harmless to chew on, and it is easy to fashion into critters. The felt is an eco friendly product and I upcycled a box to make the foldable felt board. It’s simply glued together, so I hope he goes easy on it.

The felt accessories are jungle animals and the letters of his name. They are each about four inches tall. Since toddlers love animal sounds it will be a useful visual for that game. He can also practice colors (“which animal is yellow?”) and motor skills by moving the pieces around the board. There is grass attached to offer a tactile sensation and to associate some of the animals with their habitat.

This is the first of many felt projects to come. I can’t wait to share more with you!


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