Must Read for Moms: Sh*tty Mom

Aptly dubbed “The Parenting Guide for the Rest of Us,” Sh*tty Mom explores the less glamorous aspects of motherhood and how to sail through those moments with ease. It offers advice for dealing with the situations we all experience and encouragement for making choices that put baby second (gasp!) As much as I devote myself to my children, I still have to make it through the day with two small people, so I’ll take as many shortcuts as I can. Most people think I’m in over my head for cloth diapering, breastfeeding, and attachment parenting with the girls, but I often find that all those choices make my life easier. I’m sure that every Mom can relate to Sh*tty Mom, and by the end of the book she will wear the title with pride.

For me the chapter, “How to Feel Nothing When you Dump Them at Grandma’s for the Weekend/Week/Month/Summer/Ever” really hit home. Not only did they accurately compare me to Helena Bonham Carter in Sweeney Todd, but they gave me the push I needed to get out of the house. On my own. Surprisingly, it was easy to go. I had an awesome night out with my new friends from the Mom’s club. When I returned to find my baby fast asleep on the diaper changing station of the pack & play, I shrugged it off. What kind of Sh*tty Mom would I be to judge my own Sh*tty Mom for missing the bassinet laying nearby on the floor?

Another thing I love about the book is that the writers are so progressive. They talk about race, sexual orientation, and intelligence with open minds. Navigating parenthood in today’s world is complicated enough. If we all show our children how to be accepting and affirming towards others, we’ll raise a generation of amazing people.

So check out a copy from the library or order one from Amazon and put the kids to bed early so you can read it as quickly as possible. You’ll love it and, more importantly, you’ll love yourself a little more.

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