Baby Toting

Last weekend, my husband and I carried the girls all over town. We bypassed the stroller in favor of a Kelty Backpack and an Ergo. This was arguably the most active weekend I’ve participated in since before giving birth, and it was a blast! We trekked up a local, hilly trail on the cool Sunday morning and enjoyed perfect hiking weather. Audrey and Hannah absolutely loved navigating the path with us from their high viewpoints. They exchanged glances along the path as we stopped, and happily took in the scenery while bobbing along in their carriers.

The girls checked each other out as we stopped on the path.I was amazed at Audrey’s intense concentration at the beginning of the trail. She stayed awake for longer than I expected and eagerly looked around at me and the trees. Hannah is no stranger to the path and loves it when her Dad totes her around. She’ll mumble to herself and make comments about the scenery. The end of the path is rough and hazardous, but we both took our time with the precious cargo and made it down without incident. I love hiking with my husband because he always takes the time to show me the safest path. It’s impressive that he can harness his playful side while he’s carrying our daughter. Generally he bounds down the mountain side without fear. I know he can’t wait to show her how to get in and out of a challenge on the trail when she starts walking on her own.
After the hike, we headed to town for Victory Brewing Company’s Fall Fest. It was awesome to walk through the streets and support all the local businesses. Downingtown is really headed in the right direction and there are so many people working to turn it into a thriving community for the next generation. I’m truly inspired by our friend Autumn who spearheads many of the events with the local Rotary club. Not only are the festivals fun to attend, but they’re also raising money for well-deserved causes. I can’t wait to see what they have planned next.

Did I mention that we toted the girls for this, too? We breezed through the crowds and connected with our kids in the sea of people. It was easy to talk to Hannah and nice to see her reactions as she observed the surroundings. She loved seeing dogs and greeted them with her wolfy, “Awwwooooo.” When we approached the band I could tell she was nervous, but I reassured her about the loud noise. She quickly ‘changed her tune’ and made the sign for music to show that she was entertained.

There were several mothers wearing babies and one other Dad sported a Kelty carrier as well. It was nice to see a larger than average portion of the public keeping their little ones at arm’s reach. I’m not sure my body will agree tomorrow, but I feel great now after a long day being close with my family.


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