I’m Positive You’ll Like this Savings Tip!

This post is rated PG: Pretty Girlie. It contains an Eco Friendly tip for my female audience.

Did you know that there is a simpler, cheaper, and environmentally friendly way to take a pregnancy test? Two years I found out how much pregnancy tests cost during the joyful stage of trying to conceive our first baby. I was working at the time, so the $9 for a 3 pack didn’t phase our budget much. Still, I was happy to heed the advice not to buy very many tests. We were lucky to get pregnant very quickly and only needed two tests anyway.

If I had known then what I know now, I probably would have taken a test every day. Talk about peace of mind! You can buy the same test strips used at doctor’s offices. It costs as little as $5 for 25 tests. The instructions are clear and easy to understand (not pages long!) You’re obviously saving money at only 20 cents per test, too. The best part is, there is less plastic, cardboard, and paper waste compared to the drug store’s alternative.

Next time you’re in the market for a pregnancy test, buy them at Amazon.com.


2 comments on “I’m Positive You’ll Like this Savings Tip!

  1. Meredith says:

    Smart idea! I am passing this on to my sister, who is likely going to be in need of these a lot more than I am (I hope right now anyway!). And loved your “PG” rating system 😉

    • ecoincognito says:

      Glad you liked the tip! Thanks for visiting this site. Jen from the Mom’s club told us about her giveaway on your blog and I was excited to see that we’re blogging from the same town. I followed you on Twitter so we can stay in touch.

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