Baby Nursing Incognito

Second time Moms tend to have an easier time nursing their babies. Having experience can make the process much easier early on. I’m not sure there’s a way to instill this confidence in a first time Mom, but there is one thing that every first time Mother should hear. In fact, I wish I had heard it more often.

It’s ok to feed your baby wherever, whenever, and however you want to.

There’s no right or wrong way to nurse your baby, but there are some stealthy ways to nurse incognito. My favorite way to do this is to wear a stretchy knit top over a nursing tank. You simply unhook the tank, then pull down the flap so baby can access the boob while you lift up your top shirt. You’ll get coverage from belly to cleavage without having to wear a cover. If you are having success with breastfeeding incognito, don’t throw out your nursing cover just yet. You can repurpose it as a mat for diaper changes.

Early on, I was able to wear Audrey in the k’tan sideways and nurse her. Now that she’s getting bigger it’s a little tougher to position her correctly so I’m looking forward to figuring it out in the Ergo when we swap to that carrier. Did you know that you can search YouTube for advice on how to wear and nurse your baby in all the different carriers? That’s where I’m headed for information!


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