A Toast to the Earth

If you’re wondering how to make an eco friendly beverage selection, there are lots of great ways that are easy on the wallet. Not surprisingly, many beer and wine companies offer environmentally conscious ways to enjoy their beverages. After all, their main ingredients come from the Earth so it should be important to them to protect the environment. My current drink of choice is boxed wine. Not only does it remind me of fun from college, but there are some great wines in these packages. Each company is different, but in general the boxes require less resources to produce and can be easily recycled. Plus, the quality storage allows people like me who can’t drink very much (breastfeeding) to buy in bulk without having to waste any.

I’m looking forward visiting local wineries this fall to choose my favorite and I will keep you posted. My first stop is going to be the Stargazer vineyard that I found at the farmer’s market. Their Pinot Noir was a terrific pairing for the Del Monico steaks I bought.

For the beer drinkers, my favorite way to purchase beer is in a growler. I’m spoiled because we live a stone’s throw away from Victory Brewing Company, so we can get some of the best microbrews available easily. With three growlers in rotation we can buy plenty for a small party and choose a nice variety for less than the cost of three six-packs.

Taking the time to learn about your area’s local beer and wine offerings can be extremely fun. A quick online search will direct you to the next beer and/or wine festival where you can meet the staff and find out about their sustainable practices. Cheers!


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