This past week has been a doosie folks. It’s been mostly downhill since I had poor Hannah bare-buns in the grocery store parking lot for a diaper change. I attribute the skills that allow this one year old to overpower me and escape from her carseat at will to her Father. She’s also mastered the art of avoiding laying down for a diaper change with ninja-like stealth. I now resort to changing her while she stands up and bribing her with snacks  to sit down. I’m making a lot of compromises these days in the name of a quick fix because I generally have a baby strapped onto my belly in the midst of all this toddler wrangling.

Every day feels like I’m working in a triage situation. I’d love to clean the kitchen, but now I’m content to just get the dishes in the sink. Slapping on new diapers is a sloppy operation and it takes place as quickly as possible. Laundry gets thrown… anywhere. I think you get the idea about the state of my house. It’s deeper than that, though because there are two babies, a dog, and a husband involved. Everyone needs me at the same time, generally meal time, and it works like triage. Even our meals are quick versions of actual foods. Everything is microwaved and I treat leftovers like the holy grail because I know they will save me from a screaming, hungry child the next day. (I did, however, have a chance to cook a roast in my dutch oven that was the BEST meal I’ve eaten in a long time. Of course it was cold, though.)

I’m learning to be content that I can’t do anything and it’s making things a lot easier. I still try to multi-task as much as possible, but even that is taking a back burner to slowing down. There are parts of my day that are absolutely awesome. Those are the times when I skip an errand at Target in favor of letting Hannah walk in the grass at the pediatrician’s office or when my husband and I stroll the neighborhood before dinner to give the girls a change of scenery. With Hannah, I felt like I had everything under control except bedtime. Now, bedtime is still the bane of our existence, but it’s followed closely by dual screaming diaper changes, carrying two babies at once, and 4 PM. Yes, I have my hands full and unfortunately they’re shaky, too. I know I’m more competent with each of them now than I ever was. It’s just a little intimidating having a witness for everything. It’s also stressful not being able to do anything besides take care of the babies. But it’s all a part of growing up for all three of us. Yes, there are tears and there are messes and mistakes happen. Each day starts with love, though, to make it all worthwhile. It’s abundant and wholesome, so I know that at least a few things are going right.


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